Server Rules

  1. It is forbidden to use and manifest cheats in any form, it is forbidden to use macros, scripts to simulate button presses / pointing to notes. Cheats of any kind are prohibited, including relax, i.e. pressing the buttons for you, as well as cheats that allow you to remove such mods as HD, FL as well as cheats that slow down / speed up and either affect the pace and speed of the map or the game itself (Timewarp). It is allowed to bind several buttons to 2 keyboard slots, but it is forbidden to bind the keyboard to mouse buttons and vice versa.
  2. The creation of multi-accounts is prohibited, if you have problems with logging in or gaining access to your account, please contact support, otherwise this will lead to the blocking of the main as well as the multi-account.
  3. It is forbidden to play on the account of another person, to bet fast for him (Boost). You can play on your account on someone else's computer, but only you should do it.
  4. The use of a proxy (VPN) is allowed, but it is not recommended so as not to raise unnecessary questions from the administration if any problems arise, as well as when checking the app.
  5. It is forbidden to insult the server administration without reason, as well as unconstructively accuse / offend the administration as a whole or insult the server in every possible way in the official server resources such as: discord server sakuru, a group in VK sakuru, in the comments under the video on the YouTube channel, in the chat rooms of the game, as well as in private chats and correspondence with the administrators themselves. Most often, we will restrict access to the resource on which an attempt of insult or non-constructive criticism was directly made, but the administration reserves the right to issue punishment on any resources up to limiting the game account as a whole, depending on the situation.
  6. It is forbidden to impersonate a member of the administration, invent their titles or privileges which do not exist and impersonate this person.
  7. Playing with unofficial clients is highly discouraged, as many of them have special changes in the code that we do not welcome and we will block the account without warning.


  1. The avatar should be femely friendly, that is, without shock content, dismemberment, erotic pornography (2d chan too), explicit scenes of violence, blood and other garbage.
  2. The user page has the same rules as the avatar in fact, but try to keep it clean so that you do not have any unnecessary questions.
  3. It is forbidden to copy the nicknames of popular community members, for example: You cannot register under the nickname Cookiezi as well as under Vaxei, Rafis and other personalities, creating sooo similar nicknames is also not allowed. Upon detection of this violation, we will be forced to replace it by force, up to threats with a restriction.

Chat rules

  1. The rules apply to all types of chats under the control of Sakura, be it a group in VK, chat in VK, discord chat, game chat.
  2. Any form of insult is prohibited.
  3. Swearing is allowed if it is not an insult.
  4. Distribution of cheats, and other unwanted content such as NSFW (erotica, porn - there are separate channels and places for such things).
  5. Advertising of third-party services is prohibited.