I didn’t receive the verification email, I cannot verify my account!

  • There is no verification email. In order to activate the account, you simply have to log in through the game. You can read all the required steps on our connection guide.

My antivirus is blocking the switcher

  • That’s because our switcher edits your files. Turn off your antivirus and run the switcher again.

I get “Bancho authentication failed” (wrong password) when I try to log in, but my password is correct!

  • First, make sure you’re connected to Sakuru and that your password is corrected. If so, type your username and password, then press the login button with your mouse. I know, it’s weird but it often works. (make also sure that caps lock is disabled if your password is lowercase)

I can’t download maps from osu!direct.

I can’t download maps when I’m in multiplayer, but I can download them from the main menu

  • Disable Automatically start osu!direct downloads from the options and try again. Alternatively, you can use the !q command in #multiplayer and #spectator to get a download link for the current beatmap.

How do I play on the normal osu! again?

  • Close osu!, and run default osu.exe or default shortcut.

Can I keep playing while the server is restarting because it’s updating?

  • Yes, your scores will be sent as soon as the server gets back online (usually less than a minute). Just make sure to not close the client.

Why are osu!direct and other in-game supporter perks free?

  • We think that osu! direct is very cool and it’s a shame people have to pay to have it, that’s why we’re offering it for free on Sakuru. If you like what we do, please consider a donation

My problem is not listed here

  • Join our discord and ask your question in the channels of the server.

How to get a check mark for a legitimate player? (Verified Legit Player)

  • Probably, and so it is understandable, apart from our close friends, we issue this checkbox in cases when a strong player entered the server, and the players were confident in its legitimacy, as well as to save our time for checking such personalities for cheats. We issue this checkbox only when the player is really strong and plays fair, sometimes the administration can request live play itself, in order to make sure of a disputable situation with a certain player.

  • Necessary requirements for the right to apply for the status of a legitimate player (So far only STD):

    1. 7.5k+ pp
    2. 450+ pp score on a non-farm map, or 500-550 on farm map (depends on the verdict of the administration)

    Or the player's possession of the skill of some aspect of the game, which in the world can be repeated by no more than 100 players (depending on the verdict of the administration)

  • Upon successful verification of the requirements, you will be required to play the stream or record live play, adhering to these rules:

    1. The monitor must be visible on the camera.
    2. All two hands are visible
    3. The sound of the keyboard is clearly audible in the video
    4. Scenario: You turn on the recording, after it, ideally, start the computer (before turning it off), then open the game and play the map that we asked for, in some cases that you yourself choose, in accordance with the requirements for the expected level of your game. You must also throw off the replay you played on live play.

    There are almost no requirements for the stream, you should play on the stream at your level, since the cheats are not adapted for unexpected play on the stream.


  • If you want to become a BAT or you are already one, let me briefly explain the rules to make sure we have just a bit of quality of the maps that are going to be ranked/loved here:

    1. Avoid ranking maps with low-volume hitsounds, nobody loves to play a map with no feedback.
    2. Do not rank anything that breaks pp system, invisible sliders that add no difficulty to the map yet increasing pp drastically, as an example.
    3. For the love of god, make a really questionable quality beatmap loved instead of ranked, if you unsure whether it is right to rank a map or not just ask a QAT to get a help with anything.
    4. If the map has 3 difficulties that change nothing but ar, od, hp etc. just rank only one diff with a command !map rank map, and make the rest loved
    5. Basically anything may be loved, since we are all for beatmaps having the leaderboards.
  • Rules might be added as time goes by.

  • Want to become a Beatmap Nominator? Try your luck and message the QAT member, but please be sure to provide either your maps or mods to prove that you are actually capable of understanding the quality of beatmaps.